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Best Private Schools in Toronto [Well Detailed]

Best Private Schools in Toronto – When it comes to education, the goal is to find the best school for your child.

Whether it’s a private school, a public school, or a school that’s a combination of both, the goal is to find the one that will give your child the best education possible.

But what makes one school better than another? It’s a question that’s best answered by the parents who have experienced them.

Toronto is home to some of the best private schools in Canada.

Perhaps, choosing a private school for your child is an important decision, and one that requires careful consideration.

When searching for the right school for your child, the first step is to understand the various types of private schools in Toronto.

Many of the top private schools in Toronto offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, small class sizes, and state-of-the-art facilities.

These schools offer a variety of programs, including Montessori, International Baccalaureate, and French Immersion.

One amazing thing about Toronto is that they admit both domestic and international students.

While we have your attention here, we will share the best private schools in Toronto.

Best Private Schools in Toronto

The best private schools in Toronto are a great choice for parents who want to provide their children with a high-quality education.

Here are the best private schools in Toronto:

#1: Keystone School – Best Private Schools in Toronto

Keystone Schools, the Toronto-based private school chain that operates in Ontario, Quebec, and the United States, and this outstanding school was founded in 1889.

It has since grown to become one of the biggest private schools in Canada and the United States, with over 6,000 students enrolled in 11 schools.

Today this great school offers a unique and personalized education experience for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

The school is known for its small and intimate feel, with current enrollment numbers at only 250 students, making it one of the smallest private schools in the city.

Each student is offered a personalized education plan and a sense of belonging that is often lacking in larger schools.

One amazing thing about this school is their small class sizes, with only 18 students per class, which allows for incredible one-on-one attention for each student.

The school offers a variety of unique programs, such as a unique International Baccalaureate program for grades 7 and 8, a Regents prep program for students in grades 9 and 10, and a variety of extracurricular for students in grades 11 and 12, such as the school’s award-winning journalism program and the department’s competitive robotics team.

Their central mission is to cultivate the whole person—mentally, physically, and spiritually—so that our graduates are equipped to thrive in a complex and changing world.

Another fantastic feature about Keystone School is that they offer a wide range of elective classes, including French immersion for students in grades 7 and 8, photography for grades 7 and 9.

Official school website:

Address: 23 Toronto St, Toronto, ON M5C 2R1, Canada

#2: McDonald International Academy – Best Private Schools in Toronto

McDonald International Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools in Toronto.

The school was founded in 1974 by Dr. Kenneth MacDonald, and it has since become one of the most respected private schools in Toronto.

This outstanding school is located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, close to other world-class educational facilities such as the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Being one of the Best Private Schools in Toronto, they currently admit students from preschool to grade 12, and it offers classes in both English and French.

Also, they have a strong focus on the arts, and it has a theater, music, and dance program that rivals that of many public schools.

The International Baccalaureate program at McDonald provides students with a well-rounded education that helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to succeed in a globalized world.

The education at McDonald is rigorous and challenging, and it provides students with the tools they need to become independent learners.

This school is also known for its small class sizes, high-quality teachers, and first-class facilities, making it an excellent choice for families looking for a school with an international focus. 

McDonald International Academy offers a unique combination of the best of both the American and Canadian educational systems, making it a great choice for families who want their children to have an American education with an international flair.

Official school website:

Address: 920 Yonge St 2nd fl, Toronto, ON M4W 3C7, Canada

#3: La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science – Best Private Schools in Toronto

La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science is quite an outstanding school and it is listed among the Best Private Schools in Toronto.

The Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Sciences is a private school located in downtown Toronto.

This fantastic school was established in 2016 and they offer an international education program and a French immersion education program for the primary school level and secondary level, respectively. Also, they offer a unique bilingual education for children aged 3 to 18.

At La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science, students are exposed to a wide range of subjects from music and art to languages and science.

Being one of the Best Private Schools in Toronto, they are committed to fostering a community where students are encouraged to work together, contribute to the school, and learn from one another.

However, this has led to a school environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, offering feedback, and speaking up when they disagree with something.

Also, the way teachers relates to their students has helped the school cultivate a culture of learning where students are free to explore their ideas and express themselves, which has led to better learning and more growth.

Furthermore, the school also provides an array of extracurricular programs and activities, including French and Spanish language classes, a Robotics Team, and a World Music ensemble. They also has lots of positive reviews from their alums.

Official school website:

Address: 36 Scarsdale Rd, North York, ON M3B 2R7, Canada

#4: Urban International School – Best Private Schools in Toronto

Urban international school is a private international school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and they are listed among the best private schools in Toronto.

This amazing school was established in 1994 in a former Talbot Secondary School building at 73 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and moved to a new downtown location in 2011.

Right from the time the school was established, the school’s name has changed over the years from International School of Toronto to Urban International School to International School of Toronto International to Toronto International School to Urban International School.

One of the reasons why parents like sending their children to this great school is that they provide a high-quality international education to children of families whose primary residency is in another jurisdiction.

Also, this outstanding school offers a Montessori-inspired approach to education, offering small class sizes and a flexible, student-centered environment that encourages the development of creativity and critical thinking skills.

Urban International School is a dynamic, co-curricular, college-preparatory program that is accredited by the Association of International Schools (AIS), located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The AIS accredits Urban International School to prepare students for an international education through an education in the English language and for world-class education in a modern, 21st-century learning environment to succeed in college and graduate school, to live a healthy life, and to contribute to society.

Official school website:

Address: 150 Eglinton Ave E 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M4P 1E8, Canada

#5: New Heights Academy – Best Private Schools in Toronto

New Heights Academy is one of the best private schools in Toronto. This great school was established in 1989 and is located in the heart of Malvern.

New Heights Academy, a small private school in the heart of Toronto, has produced some of the country’s best leaders and entrepreneurs.

In a city that has long been synonymous with academia, NHA is an oasis of innovation, where students are rigorously prepared for college and university, and are encouraged to think outside the box.

Today they offers a unique educational experience to its students, making them to stand out in the crowd.

The major mission of this fantastic school is to provide its students with a challenging and enriched education, with a focus on the development of high standards of personal and professional ethics and the pursuit of excellence.

Due to their academic excellence, New Heights Academy has been awarded over the years multiple scholarships and grants from various organizations.

Also, they are regarded as one of the best private schools in Toronto.

Furthermore, the school’s emphasis on experiential education, small class sizes, and diverse faculty have given New Heights students the opportunity to learn from world-class experts, and have helped students find their calling and pursue their passion in ways that larger schools can’t offer.

Official school website:

Address: 27 Carlton St Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5B 1L2, Canada

#6: Hudson College – Best Private Schools in Toronto

Hudson College is a private, co-educational, college preparatory school located in Toronto, Canada. Today they are listed among the best private schools in Toronto.

This outstanding school was founded in 2003 and since then has been providing students with an all-inclusive education that combines small class sizes, individualized instruction, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Over the past few years, the school has grown significantly, adding a new grade each year; also, they have lots of positive reviews from their students as well as their alums.

Hudson College is unique in that it offers both a traditional curriculum and a unique learning program called the Hudson Method, which combines traditional methods with the latest educational technology.

The school has a student body of over 1,000 pupils and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including athletics and competitive programs.

Hudson College has a number of unique programs, including an entrepreneurship class for students in grades 5 and 6, which gives them the opportunity to learn about business, run their own businesses, and make money.

In addition, the school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including both sports and the arts.

Official school website:

Address: 21 Ascot Ave, Toronto, ON M6E 1E6, Canada

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